Valeria- 2 in 1 Detachable Veil Chapel or Cathedral Crystal Veil

Detachable 2 in 1 Veil 

We have lots of brides that have the issue that they want to wear a long veil to there ceremony but a shorter veil in the evening. 

This usually results in the bride having to buy 2 veils.

We have designed this amazing detachable veil that solves this issue.

Wear the 2 tiered veil to your ceremony then simply detach the longer tier form the shorter tier and wear the shorter tier for the rest of the evening.

How does this work?

Its very simple we make the veil and have both tiers held with super strong Velcro that easily detaches from each other.

Made from 2 layers of quality made soft bridal illusion tulle with a curly edge, with 3mm scatter crystals all over both tiers.

Comb: Comes with clear comb attached to the shorter tier and strong Velcro attached to the longer tier.

Measurements: Choose from a chapel length or cathedral length 

Truly unique & beautiful veil