How To Find Your Size For Your Standard Bridesmaid Dress


 Top TIPS On Measuring For Your Bridesmaid Dress

Girls PLEASE watch this video before ordering your dresses, all bridesmaid dresses are small made and 9 times out of 10 you will NEED to go up a bridesmaid dress size. I cannot stress this enough!! Save time and money with returning for exchanges and compare your measurements first. For this video we measure our girl Kayleigh, who would normally be a size 10 in tops, and a 12 in skinny jeans, but in a bridesmaid dress she would have to be a 14 because of her hip size. 


Remember, nobody can see the size on your label, so suck it up and own your new dress size 


Our Measuring Chart For Comparison

How To Measure Your Bridesmaid Dress
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