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- strictly non returnable at time of purchase regardless of payment method.

- you agree to our terms and conditions (outlined below) at time of placing order.

- we reccommend ordering a free colour swatch before buying to ensure it is the required colour as much as we have tried to replicate the colour using photoshop it isn't an exact match to real life.


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- strictly non refundable as we couldn't sell them at this amazing price plus pay a full time staff members wage to deal with returns


At That Special Day we provide 2 types of sale 1) standard size and 2) custom order. With 1) standard size we accept returns for a full refund within 14 days or for an exchange within 30 days as long as it wasn't purchased through a deal. We do not accept returns for type 2) custom order as this has been hand made to your spec and we would be unable to sell on and you have shown you understood this by agreeing to our terms and conditions at point of sale.

As much as we have tried our best to duplicate each colour at the photoshopping stage, the colours are obviously not exact so we strongly suggest ordering a free colour sample before placing your order to ensure that you are happy with the shade. A dress will not be categorised as defective, or different from advertised if you think its color looks different from online pictures. However, if your dresses look more than 5% different from real-life color swatches, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange.

When ordering, you tick a check box acknowledging that you agree to the following standard terms and conditions (ticking the checkbox is therefor a contract between yourself and That Special Day);

*I can confirm that I have agreed with the consultant that the measurements taken are correct. *I have spoken with my consultant about adding on measurements for growth. *I understand that the dresses ARE NOT made to measure & alterations will be required to get the perfect fit. * On average, bridesmaids alterations can be anywhere from £30 - £100+ per dress, and bridal from £50 - £250+ depending on where you go, it is your job to shop about for the best price. *I understand that the dresses come in 3 standard lengths 59" 64" & 68". *I understand that because this garment is hand made for me there may be slight variation to the beading or lace pattern. *We would always ensure that the dress is made to as close as humanly possible to the sample in the shop. *I understand that there may be up to a 5% colour difference between the colour book and my dress, this is because the material is dyed to the colour you choose and like wallpaper, different batches can incur a slight colour difference. * I understand that all deposits are non refundable. * It takes up to 16 weeks for dresses to be made and come into the shop unless the fast track option is chosen. * Dresses are shipped out to the address you supply once they are in the shop & quality checked. *Bridal gowns will not be shipped you must come in and try them on. * We do not store dresses or items these must be delivered or collected within 28 days of coming into store. If they come in earlier than agreed we would hold them until the agreed timescale.

If you have more than 1 dress in your order That Special Day suggest ordering them all at the exact same time, as this will ensure they are made from the same batch of material and will not incur a colour difference. If you order dresses at different times, they will not be classed as defective if the colour does not match.

To return where applicable please fill out our Returns Form in full and post back with dresses.

Please thoroughly check the dress(es) upon receiving for any quality problems such as pull/snag/marks, and if you find any, pls do contact within 3 days upon receiving the dresses!

If paying with Klarna you aknowledge that 24 hours after placing the order it cannot be cancelled and becomes strictly non returnable as it is hand made per your spec, we work with Klarna and they agree to our terms and conditions, you choosing to purchase through Klarna means that you are agreeing to the terms and conditionals as outlined above.