7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment!

November 15, 2018

7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment!

Arriving at your very first bridal appointment can be an exciting yet daunting experience, so we thought we would help all newbie Bride-to-Be's with a few extra tips to prepare yourself before and during the appointment!


 #1 - Only Try When You're Ready To Buy

Becoming newly engaged is a very exciting time and although it may sound like a good idea to go bridal shop crawling with the girls, my best advice to you would be to not go shopping until you are ready to commit to a dress. You don't want to A) fall in love with a dress that you are not able to purchase at this time, or B) try on too many styles as in our experience - the more dresses you try on then the harder it is to come to a decision.


#2 - Keep Your Bride -Tribe Small

Think of your bridal possy as mascara - less is more. Honestly, bring those nearest and dearest whose opinions you genuinely value. 

SO sack yer aunties cousins sisters neighbours dug and pick a squad who you trust. As more opinions = a confused bride, and at the end of the day your own opinion is the most valuable. 


#3 - Don't Worry If You Have To Go Up A Size (or 5!)

Wedding and Bridesmaid dress sizes are a whole new ball game when it comes to sizing. Honestly, it happens to everyone. But, most brides arn't aware when walking into the bridal shop that 9 times out of 10 the dress size for them will be a size or two bigger than normal. It's OK, you haven't gone up a size overnight - the dresses are just made on a mannequin which doesn't have any lady lumps, hence a smaller size. So embrace your (new) dress size and know that you're not alone.


#4 - Own Your Body Shape!

A lot of the time, brides have a vision of how they want their body to look on their wedding day when trying on dresses and that maybe isn't how they look right now. Girl OWN that shape yo mamma gave you and try on styles that suit the shape you are right now. If a dress looks good on you now, just imagine how it will look when you've hit your target weight!


#5 - We've Seen It All Before

Getting naked in front of a stranger can be a scary experience, but honestly - we're all ladies and we've seen it all before. Customers always comment on how down to earth our staff are and how we make every shape and sized woman feel so comfortable. Our job is to make woman feel beautiful, and as our reviews will tell you - we do it well!


#6 - Peak Times Are Peak Times

We understand that getting a day and time together to suit everybody can be hard so getting an appointment on a Saturday would be preferable but just remember that these are most bridal shops busiest times and the shop floor will be busy so if you are looking for a more intimate appointment then it would be worthwhile arranging a time mid week. Take a cheeky day off work and have a girls day out, after all it is your wedding! 

PS, we are an extremely busy shop and book up 5 - 6 weeks in advance for Saturday's. If ye snooze ye loose so contact ASAP to get the preferred date.


#7 - Taxi for a W@***R!

We want you to remember your wedding dress shopping just as much as your actual wedding day - it's all about dem memories ya'know! So make it a girls day out, maybe even lunch and drinks after? All of our Bridal Appointments get their very own bridal suite complete with prosecco and cocktails. So plan ahead and get a taxi or lift to your appointment so you can reap the benefits!


We hope that you find our tips useful and stay tuned for more BTS of a Bridal Consultant!

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