La Belle Mariee Bridal Collection
We are excited to share that we are the first store in the UK to stock La Belle Mariee Dresses!
This designer of these dresses has cleverly combined old style wedding dresses and added their own vintage/glamorous twist.
Each gown is unique to itself and we have all of them in our Bathgate Store.
Aceline Aceline


£869.00 GBP

The Anna The Anna

The Anna

£900.00 GBP

The Beatrice The Beatrice

The Beatrice

£950.00 GBP

The Bettie The Bettie

The Bettie

£900.00 GBP

The Charlotte The Charlotte

The Charlotte

£1,299.00 GBP

The Chloe The Chloe

The Chloe

£800.00 GBP

The Ciara The Ciara

The Ciara

£850.00 GBP

The Clara The Clara

The Clara

£980.00 GBP

The Eliza The Eliza

The Eliza

£975.00 GBP

The Ella The Ella

The Ella

£1,100.00 GBP

The Emelia The Emelia

The Emelia

£899.00 GBP

The Florance The Florance

The Florance

£829.00 GBP

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