Can My Junior Bridesmaid Wear The Same As My Other Bridesmaids?

September 15, 2020

Yes, yes and YES!!

"Can my junior bridesmaid wear the same as my other bridesmaids?" is one of the most popular questions we, as bridal consultants receive. So if this is something you are currently dwelling on, then you are in the right place.

The answer is of course yes, absolutely yes with cherries on top!

If you believe it, we can achieve it and having a junior bridesmaid wear the same as your other bridesmaids is an option that feel we must make doable.

Chances are, that your JNR bridesmaid is between a size 6 - 12 (this could absolutely vary, but for the sake of this post I am using an average). So, the good news is, that whether you are going for Budget or Bespoke Bridesmaid, we should have a fix for you.

**Budget means dresses already made to standard sizing and colours, available for immediate dispatch. 

**Bespoke Bridesmaid means hand made per order styles available in any colour or size, takes up to 16 weeks for delivery.

If going for Budget Bridesmaid, then stock permitting you should be able to buy the size closest to your JNR's measurements so that your junior bridesmaid can wear the same as the rest of your bridesmaids. It's standard that most dresses can be altered down up to 3 dress sizes. For example, a size 10 could be altered down to a size 6 and so on. For help on measuring up for Budget Bridesmaid, please see here.

If  your style is maybe not-so-junior-appropriate, we don't have your size available or your style is not in the Budget Bridesmaid range. Then you may decide to go for a style from the Bespoke Bridesmaid range. 

With our Bespoke Bridesmaids we can literally make any style included in over 150 colours, and in size. So from a size 4 to 44 - we've got you covered. See tips on measuring up for a Bepsoke Bridesmaid dress here.

Even if a style is quite 'grown up' we can make small adjustments when making so that your bridesmaid dress can too suit a junior bridesmaid. For example, if the style you choose is 'too booby' for a junior, then we could make the neckline higher up, or straight across so that your Junior Bridesmaid is the same as your other bridesmaids, with just a slight difference to make them more comfortable.

IF IN DOUBT, then a halterneck style is always a winner.

You can see a halterneck from our Budget Bridesmaid here.

Or our Bespoke Bridesmaid here.